· ISC is committed to keep its active participation in local and international markets in the field of construction. This is achieved through following all local and international applicable laws and regulations taking into Account the clients' requirements and all other relevant requirements through the introduction of necessary modifications and continual improvement.

· ISC announces its commitments/pledges as follows:

- Providing all services/ works in high quality with competitive prices.

- Maintaining customer satisfaction.

- Planning & implementing actions to address risks & opportunities for increasing the efficiency / effectiveness of Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management systems and achieving improved results.

- The continual improvement in Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems.

- Protecting the health and safety of its employees and preventing environmental pollution during all stages of the execution of the works.

-  Applying all applicable precautions to minimize fatalities, accidents, losses and emissions that may affect the environment.

- Carrying out all procedures to minimize fatalities, accidents, losses and minimizing emissions that may affect the environment.

- Spreading the culture of proactively minimizing the impact of Company operations on HSE.

- Elemination of hazards and reduction of OH&S Risks.

- Consultation and participation of workers.

· ISC believes that these goals can be realized through the implementation, maintenance and development of the following management systems.

- ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

- ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

- ISO 45001 Occupational Healths and Safety Management System.

· ISC emphasizes that its objectives include maintaining and continual improvement of its high quality performance standards to attain customer satisfaction and timely perform its commitments and services with integrity and competitive prices. In order to achieve these objectives, SIAC focuses on the selection of the most qualified personnel, recruit, train and continuously develop them. On the other hand, SIAC takes all the necessary actions to assure the commitment to its standards by its vendors, suppliers, service providers and subcontractors, this to achieve the required quality in its services and final products.

Accordingly, the implementation and enforcement of the procedures documented in the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management manuals has the unconditional, unlimited and complete support and control of Isc top management.