Polyurethane combo roofing system

Polyurethane combo roofing system

What is (pu) System Description?

Closed-cell, rigid sprayed polyurethane foam is produced by an exothermic reaction between a polyol component and isocyanate using a highpressure solvent free-air purging mixing machine,at the end of the reaction phase, the foam beginsto solidify and cure. Applied with a spray gun inseveral layers provides a seamless thermal andwater proofing protection to the substrate.The field of application covers virtually all areas offlat and pitched roofs, ceilings, wals and floors.PU foam systems are produced directly on thesubstrate to be insulated using a pouring or sprayprocess, the material forms a continuous and eveninsulating layer with no joints or gaps eliminatingany thermal bridges.Spray foam is the ideal solution for a very widevariety of surfaces and shapes because the  materialadapts to any profile without gaps.A comparison with conventionally insulation (samethickness) clearly shows that PU foaming system ischaracterized with better thermal resistance and lower cost

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Material Warranty:

5-7 years